On International Day, Maple Bear students learn to celebrate the global future

Maple Bear

Living in Dubai is like getting the best of all worlds. This is a city that is home to people from every corner of the earth, all sharing in the opportunities and successes that the dynamic, rapidly changing metropolis offers.

The Maple Bear program teaches tolerance and respect for one another from the early years. At Maple Bear Burj, we are thoroughly excited each year to celebrate international day. Like Dubai, our preschool is a second home to students of unique cultures and heritage. And being Canadian, we take every chance to celebrate multiculturalism and to celebrate diversity.

This year our students showed off the pride they each have in their heritage by inviting their parents to tour each continent from which they and their friends come from. We had the whole world in our classrooms! Songs, traditional dress, and of course food of all kinds of flavours was shared.

Dubai is indeed a city of the future. It represents today what tomorrow’s world looks like - increasingly globalized, with identities trespassing borders, and careers of the future demanding mobility and cultural sensitivity. The Maple Bear program integrates a sense of global citizenship into the curriculum preparing students to learn at all academic levels in the future, and in any part of the world during their academic journey.

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