Fire Safety on international firefighters day

Maple Bear

Sound the alarm, slide down the pole, get fired up, we’re ready to roll! Here come the Maple Bear fire marshals to the rescue!

On May 4, we revisited the importance of understanding fire safety and practiced ways to stay safe in the case of a fire emergency.

Fire safety is an important part of the Maple Bear curriculum - learning to recognize the signs of a fire emergency and knowing how to respond becomes intuitive when practiced regularly. Fear is natural in a dangerous situation, but effective self-regulation techniques can be taught and applied to help manage emergencies, keeping toddler aged children safe by enabling them to cooperate in a unfortunate situation.

Along with a fire drill at school, our Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 class got to show off their fire marshal skills at Kidzania Dubai Mall, where they aimed water hoses into the ‘smoking’ building in their firefighter gear. Sirens and firetrucks added to the authenticity of the experience. One thing is for sure, we’ve got lots of brave little ones here at Maple Bear Burj.

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