Rodney Briggs, President of Maple Bear Global Schools Visits Dubai to Support the Rapid Expansion of the Nursery Chain in the UAE

Rodney Briggs, president of Maple Bear Global Schools with over 200 centres in 11 countries, will  be visiting  Dubai. Because of the success of the centres here, Maple Bear is working with Learning Curve Holdings to support their rapid expansion of a proven global early childhood nursery chain throughout the UAE.

Rodney has been involved with the development and worldwide growth of Maple Bear Nursery in countries that span from China, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, U.S.A., Canada and now the UAE.  With over 20,000 students worldwide, Maple Bear Nursery UAE is privileged to have Rodney Briggs meet with parents to answer questions and share why Maple Bear Nursery provides a globally successful approach to learning.

The region has historically been dominated by British and American education providers, and Maple Bear offers a quality Canadian education alternative that is based on an advanced educational system that allows Canada to consistently rank in the top ten globally. 

Rodney Briggs says he is often asked, “Why choose Canadian education?” To which he replies: “According to the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Canada consistently ranks among the best performing education systems in the world. Maple Bear is a reflection of Canadian education values. Maple Bear offers students around the world the best of Canadian education for a global future.”

Part of their core curriculum involves instilling a love for reading through their “Love to Read” program—an institutionally driven Corporate Social Responsibility program that empowers children to shape their future and the future of their community. The curriculum also provides character education and language immersion.

Basem Abu Dagga, with Learning Curve Holdings, is strongly committed to bringing the highest quality of education that Maple Bear offers, to the parents in the UAE.  “I strongly believe that it is our duty to deliver the best possible education to our children. It is vital that we emphasize learning through play and inspire our children towards a quality education in comfortable learning environments.”

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