Children and Technology

Even writing the title of this article gave me a moment to pause and think. Do I write the word children first or the word technology first? After a long career in education it’s obvious what my choice would be – always children first.

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Benefits of a Bilingual Education

Bilingual education is grounded in common sense, experience, and research. Common sense says that children will not learn academic subject material if they can't understand the language of instruction. Experience documents that students from minority-language backgrounds historically have higher dropout rates and lower achievement scores.

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Crisis Management and Lockdown Procedures

What should a school or Nursery do if a crisis of some kind develops during the day when students and staff are in the building?

These crises can range from extreme weather to earthquakes to some other significant event that is out of the ordinary.

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Twelve Days of Festive Travel Tips

  1. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Make lists of necessities for children. Whether travelling by air or on the road, be sure to take extra clothing, wet wipes, small juice boxes and snack food. Make sure you have zip-lock bags to pack things into. Some extra bags are always handy too, if you have wet clothes, unfinished food etc. Ask your children for ideas of things they might need.
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Creativity in Children

Creativity is an important concept as it can help children in many ways. The reason for creativity’s importance is that it develops problem solving skills, different ways of looking at things and being able to reflect on news ways of developing ideas.

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